Press echoes "Elisabeth"

“light, intelligent entertainment with a learning effect ”
“people are flocking to see the show”
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 23.09.2007

“tumultuous applause for the actors ”
Die Welt, 14.07.07

“great theatre with wonderful singing ”
“ beautiful melodies, excellent singers with acting talent, costumes ranging from plain to extravagant, a fully rounded sound, great lighting and a stage that allows fast-changing settings”
Oberhessische Presse, 28.12.2009

“it is really quite unusual that musical producers work on a piece so intensively and so enduringly ”
“ that’s just how you would like to see and hear musicals ”
musicals, 8.2009

“The composer/producer team Dennis Martin and Peter Scholz from Künzell, Hessen, already had a surprise success with their first musical, “Bonifatius”, but now with “Elisabeth” they have consolidated their position in the scene and are only ones who are able to challenge the seemingly unassailable dominance of Brachenführer Stage Entertainment."
Rhein Zeitung, 18.07.2007

“all expectations were exceeded ”
Fuldaer Zeitung, 17.09.2007

“The new musical “ Elisabeth –the Legend of a Saint ” is all set to become a hit ”
“the graceful Elisabeth mastered her difficult part with noble bearing ”
Bonifatiusbote, 15.07.2007

“absolute perfection”
Musicalmagazin DaCapo, 8.2007

“a must-see ”
“ no lack of catchy songs”, 9.07.2007

“an upbeat musical ”
“extravagant costumes, peppy choreography”
“applauded with great gusto ”
TLZ, 9.07.07

“Due not just to her angelic appearance, but also her faultless performing skills, Sabrina Weckerlin is the star of the evening”
Freies Wort, 11.07.2007

“songs with a high catchiness factor”
“They succeeded in staging a piece on a demanding subject which reached the audience and provided extremely good entertainment”
Musical-Cocktail, issue 70/2007

“The actors were rewarded with roof-raising, long standing ovations ”
Thüringer Allgemeine, 28.07.2008

“This delightfully colourful musical stands out due to impressive visual images, well-selected actors with unique voices as well as its well-structured, imaginative story action.”
Hinterländer Anzeiger, 29.07.2008

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