Press echoes "The Physician -The Musical"

“A new star in the German musical firmament”
Westfälischer Anzeiger, 20 June 2016

“gripping, emotional, with a pinch of comedy and many wonderful songs”
Lëtzebuerger Journal, Luxemburg 19 June 2016

“The performance of the exuberant ensemble was outstanding”
Wiener Zeitung, DPA

“A total success”
Salzburger Nachrichten, DPA

“captivating musical accompaniment”
Kieler Nachrichten, DPA

“Frenetically acclaimed”
“Explosively paced stage show”
Fuldaer Zeitung 17 June 2016

“A great stage adaption of a great original” Umsetzung eines grandiosen Stoffes“

“Wonderfully intoxicating throughout”
“both the thrilling scenes with a large ensemble and the emotional ballads were right on target!” 18 June 2016

“The whole evening is a giddying delight combining music, colour and a vibrant ensemble of great singers and actors”
CDU-MdB Wolfgang Bosbach

“very definitely worth seeing” “demanding, modern choreography by Kim Duddy,costumes by Ulrike Kremer and stage design by Christoph Weyers complement the perfect visual impression”
musicalzentrale 19 June 2016

“The Physician” provides top quality entertainment for unbeatable value and convinces in every area”

“dynamic, poignant and entertaining”,
“Fine actors”
“Memorable tunes and deeply moving moments”
“a well-produced musical with a historical theme which is relevant today”

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